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Guimaras Islands Philippines
Guimaras Religious Sites

Balaan Bukid Shrine
Balcon Melliza, Jordan, Guimaras

This was discovered in 1956 by an Itallian priest, Rev. Fr. Bergil Pixner, OSD, Prior of Dornition Abbey, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem. The image of Mother & Child enshrined at the chapel was designed by a certain Crisogono Domingo, a leper patient of Sta. Barbara Leprosarium. The Shrine was managed by the Knights of Columbus of Jaro and lately it was turned over to the Parish of St. John the Baptist by Msgr. Angel Lagdameo, Bishop, Archdioses of Jaro. During the Lenten Season and every 1st of May, both local and foreign visitors particularly devotees flock to this place for a pilgrimage on the 14 stations of Jesus Crucifixion.

Consolers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CIHM)
San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras

It is a 7-hectare monastery for men and women, established in 2000 by Rev. Fr. Florentino Lim, a former Trappist monks and Sisters of CIHM. It offers retreat and recollection on donation basis. They have outreach program for the poor (aetas) and reforestation, they give seedlings for planting.

Holy Family, Tamborong, San Lorenzo, Guimaras

Amenities: Grotto of Holy Family, Chapel, Prayer Room, & life size Station of the Cross (7 Sorrowful & 7 Joyful Mysteries)
It offers day recollection on donation basis. no entrance fee (donation only), no overnight cottages available, and bring your own drinking water

Navalas Church
Parish of St, Isidore the Worker in Navalas, Buenavista, Guimaras

It is the oldest existing Roman Catholic Church in the province of Guimaras that has survived the ravages of time; built in 1880-1885. A bigger bell, said that be more than four feet tall, formerly hang at the belfry was carted away and dumped into the sea near Isla del Siete Pecados by Muslim raiders. Only the façade remain untouched but the ceilings and structure inside the church was already renovated.

Our Lady of the Philippines – Trappist Monastery
San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras

The only men’s monastery in the Philippines runs by Cistercian Order of Strict Observance, established in 1972. This place is always open to those who seek the solace & self examination through meditation & retreat from taxing endeavors of the materialistic world. The Cistercian was founded in 1098 near Dijon, France. In 17th century, at the monastery of La Trappe in Normandy, a reform of the Cistercian Observance was under taken. The monasteries descended from that reform movement were organized into what is called the Trappist – which is a separate Order of Cistercians, in the year 1892. Cistercian monasticism is a form of Benedictine monastic life, being based on the Rule of St. Benedict as interpreted by the twelfth century monks at Citeaux, France. The primary role of Cistercian life is to seek union with God and to witness to His Holiness and His desire for the salvation and sanctification of all persons and to unite all people in their adherence to Him through their faith in Christ and His Catholic Church.

In 1997, church and modern guesthouse with private facilities were built. They welcome guests who wish to spend days or even weeks for prayer, meditation and retreats.

Their livelihood involves agriculture, growing vegetables for their own and guests consumption, mango orchard, Processing plant that process the mango, pineapple, guava fruit into jelly, jam, juice, dried, piaya, cookies and others. All products are displayed at their Gift shop and at GTIC-Pasalubong Center.

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Philippines Cuisine Characteristics

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