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Baras Beach Resort is a hidden away in a sheltered inlet on the West coast of Guimaras Island, Philippines. Good anchorage even for big yachts deep inside the bay. It offers quiet and unspoiled surroundings. It has white sand beach with clear, unspoiled water. Its white sand beaches by the coves are ideal for swimming, boating and windsurfing. Other activities one may enjoy at the resort are beach volleyball, mountain climbing, wild lives and birds watching and exploring the pirate cave. Its hidden lagoon is one of the most romantic hideaways for honeymooners.

Baras Beach Resort Accommodations

Baras Beach Resort spacious and attractive cottages are built on top of the cliffs, overlooking the bay and just a few steps away from the white sandy beach.

Each one is self-contained with individual shower and toilet.

Baras Beach Resort Location

The easy way is to telephone us in advance, and we will send our 60-foot pump boat „Orion“ to collect you from Iloilo City. Our Pickup point is either Port San Pedro, or the junction of Arroyo and Muelle Loney Streets, depending on weather and tide conditions travel time is one hour.

In case you want to dare on your own, you can hire a pump boat from Ortiz or Parola. This will cost you a little more.

Alternatively, you can also get a banca from Puyo Wharf in Nuevo Valencia or from Alubihud Beach, both very close to Baras. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

Have no direct access by road, but adventurous travellers can take a jeepney from Jordan to San Miguel, and then a tricycle from there down the road to Lawi.
Ask the driver to drop you off at Baringut crossing. A 15 minute walk on a rough track along the creek will take you to Sitio Baringut. There, you can hire a small boat complete with small boy to paddle you the last 600 metres to Baras Beach.

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